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There are five steps to brewing beer at home:

  1. Sterilise your equipment
  2. Mash the grains
  3. Boil your Wort
  4. Fermentation
  5. Bottling

Check out our blog here for details on the brewing process!

From start to finish, you'll have your home-brewed beer in 4 weeks.

Brewday takes around 3 hours, and then you'll leave in a fermenter for 2 weeks, before transferring into bottles and leaving for a further 2 weeks.

All the equipment in our Starter Kits is reusable (fermenting bucket, brew bag, thermometer, airlock, bottling wand and bottles). All you need to brew a fresh batch is a new Ingredient Kitwhich has all the fresh ingredients.

Your beer will last just as long as any beer you would buy.

We recommend drinking hoppier beers, such as IPAs, as soon as they’re done to enjoy their fresh hop flavour. Darker beers will age nicely for months.  

Of course! If you've already got the equipment, then our recipes will work just fine. There's a few reasons that we use fermenting buckets over the demijohns:

  1. Demijohns are clear, and light is beer's worst enemy! Our opaque fermenting buckets protect the beer from oxidising
  2. Our fermenting buckets are fitted with a tap, making the transfer to bottles super easy. With a demijohn it's a messy process and you also need a syphon
  3. The small bottleneck makes cleaning a nightmare. You'll need additional equipment and takes twice as long