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Starter Kits

If you're new to home brewing then one of our starter kits is for you. Our starter kits contain the home brewing equipment and ingredients for 1 type of beer of your choice, to get started with. 

All the equipment is re-usable, and our recipes are crafted by us. Makes 5 litres (1 gallon) of beer.

Starter Kits
Everything you need to brew delicious craft beer at home. This starter kit has all the equipment required for our super easy Brew-in-Bag method that can all be done in 1 pot. Start making craft beer at home. Perfect if you're new to home brewing or looking for an excellent beer gift.
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Bottle Set

These swing-top bottles are perfect for bottling day. Remember to clean and sterilise both the lid and the bottle before using.

Store your bottles in a dark spot until the beer is ready, then pop in the fridge overnight to enjoy your delicious home-brewed beer the next day.

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