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Home Brewing Equipment 101

Home Brewing Equipment 101

If you want to brew beer but don't know where to begin, here’s a handy guide of what equipment is used and why our brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) method is the easiest way to make beer at home.

Anything included in our Starter Kits & Bottle Kit is shown by this parcel icon 📦

Equipment List

1 x 10 litre stock pot
1 x brew bag 📦
1 x fermenting bucket with tap 📦
1 x airlock 📦
1 x big stirrer (serving spoon will do!)
1 x thermometer 📦
1 x bottling wand 📦
10 x 500ml bottles 📦

beer home brewing equipment stockpot

Single Stock Pot

Traditional home brewing can get a little busy.

First, you need a couple of large stock pots and a giant sieve as you’ll constantly be transferring and pouring between the two.

With Bottle Topped, you need just 1 big pot. We recommend a 8–10 litre pot as our recipes start with about 6 litres of water.

beer home brewing equipment brew bag BIAB

Brew-in-a-Bag (BIAB)

Our Starter Kit includes our brew bag that makes this 1-pot method possible (and super easy).

It kinda works like a giant teabag; you pour in the ingredients, let the hot water draw out all the sugars and flavours, and a little while later you’ve got the beginnings of some delicious beer.

By using our brew-in-bag method you don’t need to worry about having lots of equipment, with the inevitable spills.

beer home brewing equipment bottling wand

Bottling Wand vs Syphon

We used to have to suck on a tube to transfer the beer from the stock pot to a glass fermenter, and then do this again when transferring the beer to bottles.

You can imagine that we ended up with a lot of wasted beer!

With our fermenting buckets you simply pour the beer in and when it’s time to bottle, attach the wand to the tap to quickly fill up each bottle.

Brewing beer is also light and temperature sensitive. Our opaque fermenters have a thermometer on the side so it’s easy to keep an eye on your beer's temperature whilst it's fermenting.

beer home brewing equipment swing-top bottles

Swing-Top Bottles

When it’s time to bottle your beer there are a few options. You can repurpose beer bottles you already have, which require a bottle capper and of course some bottle caps!

We recommend our opaque glass swing-top bottles, as sterilising & reusing them is much easier than getting new caps each time.

You can opt for plastic screw top bottles too, but glass bottles are better for conditioning beer and gives you the most satisfying pop when you’re ready to crack into one of your beers!


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